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Advanced Technology

We are excited about technology! Dr. Boesch and our team pour over trade journals and regularly attend seminars, conferences, and classes to learn about the latest and greatest dental tools. However, we are careful to not buy into gimmicks and create expensive procedures. We think technology is really cool and have purchased the technology that will allow us to provide a more comfortable and safe patient experience. It also helps with accurate diagnostics for more conservative procedures. Here are a few of the reasons we love technology:


Digital Photography

We use digital photography in diagnostics and case presentation. Digital images give us a detailed look at your teeth and gums for accurate diagnosis and more conservative treatment. We also take before and after photos, so you and we can see the transformation of your smile. It�s just another way we show you value! The proof is always in the pudding � or, in this case, the pictures.


Rotary endo (electric handpiece, no drill noise) :

Root canals made easy! No more fear! With our electrical handpiece we can easily, safely, thoroughly, and quietly get you out of pain.

Magnification and Light:

Dr. Boesch uses magnification for all procedures to make sure she is doing the most conservative treatment possible. There is also a light on her loupes so that the bright overhead light doesn�t have to be shinning in your eyes like the old days. Imagine what a more careful and precise job can be done with a spotlight directed only on your tooth and with the tooth blown up 4.5 times it�s size!


Lasers, tissue laser:

We have a tissue laser that can make many procedures faster, more comfortable, and with faster healing! Imagine fixing an uneven gumline or getting rid of a gummy smile in one quick pain-free visit! Biopsies, grafts, and treating cold sores can easily be accomplished.


Latest in sterilization

We want to treat you like family. There is not an item in our office that I would not have used on myself or my family. We stay abreast of the latest in sterilization techniques and make sure that everything is clean, sterile, and safe.

Description of Services

Anxiety free dentistry

If you are terrified of the dentist, you are not alone! We understand and take great pride in making your visit with us comfortable and relaxing. No matter how many years it has been since you have been to the dentist, you will be treated with respect. We will take the time to address your concerns and fears. Together we can head on a path to dental health that meets your needs and gives you the beautiful smile you deserve.Patients just like you, will tell you themselves how comfortable they feel with us for their dental care. Ask us for their phone numbers!

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover is a osmetic dentistry treatment that can transform your smile into one as seen in the movies or magazines. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. It is a reflection of your feelings and leaves a lasting impression upon those most important to you. When you are unsatisfied with your smile, it can convey a sense of low self-esteem or confidence. A smile makeover can correct this.Whether you have older dental restorations like metal fillings and crowns, stained teeth, or crooked or crowded teeth, a smile makeover will correct your smile. There are several choices available for cosmetic dental work and Dr. Boesch will help you determine which one will work the best in transforming your smile. Dr. Boesch wants to educate all of her patients so that there is no mystery about their dental treatment. During your smile makeover consultation, Dr. Boesch will discuss with you the entire smile makeover process so that you know exactly to expect.

A beautiful smile gives you the confidence to smile more and feel great about yourself. Give Yourself the Best Gift, a Beautiful Smile. It is never too late to have the smile you have always dreamed of.

Smile Rejuvenation

Have a big event? a wedding? reunion? Want to feel and look younger? Let us freshen up your smile! It may be as simple as a cleaning and whitening to brighten your smile. Maybe there are older stained fillings that could be whiter and blend seamlessly. Perhaps the teeth have worn down over the years. Let us take a look and tell you what we can do to rejuvenate your smile. Gum Disease, click here to take the Gum Disease Quiz

Gum disease

Periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. The symptoms of periodontal disease are often silent and unnoticed Some symptoms you may be familiar with are:

  • Bleeding of the Gums
  • Bad Breath
  • Receding Gums
  • Swollen Mouth Tissue
  • Pus Around Teeth
  • Spaces Growing Between Teeth
  • Pain in the mouth
  • Dark Red Gum Tissue
  • Sore Teeth
  • Change in Bite

If you are suffering from any of these problems, our gum disease dentist, Dr. Boesch can provide you with an effective treatment. It is also possible to have gum disease with no symptoms, which is why regular dental appointments are necessary. Gum disease has also been linked to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and premature birth weight and in rare cases infant mortality.

Teeth Whitening

You deserve a brighter, whiter smile!Teeth whitening is one of easiest and most popular procedures we offer to enhance your smile. We offer two easy ways to whiten you teeth safely and predictably.

In Office Whitening: Boost insert Boost logo. You comfortably relax in the chair while we get your teeth 4-6 shades lighter in an hour.

Take Home Whitening: This safe and effective system with custom trays allows you to get the whiter smile you want at your own convenience. Patients often ask if they can use an over the counter product.
While there may be some decent products on the market, it is important to have your teeth checked prior to whitening. Here are some reasons why:

  • Crowns and fillings will not whiten and may become more noticeable after whitening.
  • Dark spots and white spots can become worse.
  • Over the counter whitening can harm your gums if done improperly.
  • Over the counter whitening may leave dark spots between the teeth.
  • Whitening toothpastes are abrasives and only remove external stains.They do not whiten the color of your teeth.
  • Whitening mouthwashes do not linger on the teeth long enough to have a profound effect.
  • Over the counter products are not as strong as what a cosmetic dentist uses and take much longer and more product to achieve whitening results.

With the above being stated, over the counter whitening is still an option for some patients.  Let us help you decide if its right for you.


White (mercury free) fillings

Do your teeth appear gray from dark fillings in between the teeth? Not anymore! Today, as an alternative, we use a tooth colored composite resin material that is bonded to your tooth. We take great care in removing old fillings.We first place a rubber dam over the tooth to isolate the tooth and protect you. We then use high evacuation suction as we remove the mercury containing filling. We will replace the silver filling with a white filling that is bonded to your tooth. The actual method of bonding allows us to do very conservative tooth removal in preparation for the filling.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns (caps) are dental restorations that are placed over a tooth when fillings are insufficient to restore form and function. A dental bridge serves to replace a missing tooth or teeth. One type of dental bridge consists of dental crowns placed on either side of the missing tooth to connect the replacement tooth or teeth to them. Dental bridges can also be supported by dental implants. Dental crowns and bridges can be made entirely of tooth-colored material, metal, or a combination to provide optimal esthetics.


Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth.Implants are an alternative to bridges or removable dentures. In essence, dental implants can act and look like natural teeth. When you lose a tooth, the bone shrinks, which often gives people that sunken facial appearance.The added benefit of an implant is that it maintains bone mass and can help prevent additional tooth loss.Dental implants can also be used to secure dentures and dental bridges. The addition of implants for dentures to attach to has changed the quality of life for so many denture patients. Most of the problems associated with conventional dentures are virtually eliminated. Most dental implant restorations consists of three parts. The first phase is the placement of a titanium screw surgically placed into the jawbone, where it replaces the natural tooth root.The second phase is the attachment of a post (abutment) and a crown, bridge, or denture. Within several months, the implant has securely attached to the bone (osseointegration), allowing it to withstand biting and chewing forces just like a healthy, natural tooth.


Root canal therapy

Have a tooth that hurts? Sensitive to hot and/or cold? It may be too late for just a filling. Root canal therapy may be needed.  Dr. Boesch uses the latest technology to make this a quick painless procedure that allows you to be out of pain and keep the tooth! Often root canals can be done in one visit with just local anesthesia. When a cavity gets deep, the bacteria infects the heart of the tooth, the pulp, which contains the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth. It is then necessary to remove the pulp from inside the roots of the tooth to remove the infection.; Once removed there is an empty canal within the root of your tooth that is mechanically and chemically sterilized and filled with a material called gutta percha. A crown is usually recommended to over the top of the tooth to protect it.



Bonding is typically used to create a more attractive smile all in one visit. Bonding can be used to fix chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth or to change the shape and size of the teeth, creating a smile that appears more symmetrical and space free. Bonding consists of applying a composite resin to the surface of the teeth that Dr. Boesch contours to produce the desired esthetic appearance. Although tooth bonding may not last as long as porcelain veneers or dental crowns, it can last for a number of years with proper care.



Porcelain veneers are a quick cosmetic fix for chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth. A dental veneer is a thin porcelain laminate that is applied to the front of the tooth. Dental veneers allow for correction in the shape, size, length, spacing and color of you natural teeth. Veneers are well known for helping movie stars get that &Hollywood Smile.


Pediatric dentistry

We see children starting when the first couple of teeth erupt, around age 1. We want to make sure that children have good experience and enjoy going to the dentist. Starting at a young age and getting them familiar with Dr. Boesch is a great beginning to your childs health. It is important to make sure that the teeth are coming incorrectly, to check for cavities, teach them how to take care of them. If you are bringing your child to the dentist for the first time, try role playing with them. Ask him/her to open big as you count their teeth. Kids usually get really excited to know just how many teeth they have.

TMJ Therapy

Do you experience headaches on a regular basis? Have uneven tooth wear? Popping or clicking of your jaw? You may be suffering from TMJ disorder (or temporomandibular joint dysfunction). The TMJ joints control the opening and closing of your jaw. Improper joint alignment can irritate nerves and cause muscles to spasm, resulting in a host of unpleasant symptoms such as migraines, neck pain, and ringing in the ears.

We want to relieve your discomfort and create a comfortable smile. Dr. Boesch will evaluate your mouth, muscles, and joints to determine the cause of the TMJ disorder.She will then suggest the appropriate therapy, which may include restorations to build you bite back to a comfortable position, an oral appliance to prevent nighttime teeth grinding, and/or exercises to strengthen your jaw muscles.

Emergency Care

Yes, call us now

Preventative Dentistry

Like most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as Benjamin Franklin stated. A few simple homecare practices paired with regular visits to the dentist will go a long way toward maintaining optimum dental health.


Daily preventative procedures share the common goals of removing bacteria from the mouth and maintaining dental health. If allowed to build-up, bacteria adheres to the teeth, tongue, and soft tissue.This becomes plaque that overtime can mineralize into a hard substance called calculus. Only professional cleanings can remove calculus.


Inadequate plaque control is the primary cause of gingivitis (inflamed gums), periodontitis (bacterial gum disease), and oral malodor (bad breath).Patients can minimize bacterial accumulation through regular brushing, flossing, and tongue scrapping, and periodic dental hygiene appointments (dental prophylaxis). Regular visits to the dentist also allow problems to be identified early, while they can be fixed easily and painlessly.


Professional Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride therapy has been proven beneficial in maintaining optimal oral health, particularly in the prevention of tooth decay and hypersensitivity. Since the introduction of fluoride into the public water supplies more than 50 years ago, the incidence of cavities has declined dramatically by strengthening the developing permanent teeth. In addition, professional fluoride treatments combined with daily home therapy can improve dental health. Daily fluoride therapy may be helpful for patients with orthodontic appliances, those with high risk for cavities or those with exposed root surfaces. Treatment options can vary according to a patient's susceptibility to decay, level of tooth sensitivity, periodontal (gum) condition and number of cosmetic restorations.


A professional fluoride treatment is an important part of your regular dental cleaning. The fluoride treatment will enhance the ability of your tooth surface to resist acid attacks and decay and replace the layer that is lost during tooth scaling and polishing

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